The Journey

At Coiled the goal is to set you on a path to healthy and hydrated hair. With that, we’d like for you to keep in mind that the journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Consultations are highly recommended.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST CURL SHAPING APPOINTMENT: For Curl Shaping (Curl by Curl/Deva Cut) Please come with clean and dry hair free of excess products, with little to no tangles and loose. Pulled/clipped back/up and ponytailed/headbanded hair will not give you the best results with your cut if curls are pulled tautly or stretched.  Curl shaping is done first. It is understood that this is your initial appointment so product build-up is expected.

Note: Naturals/Highly Textured/Super Curlies who are coming out of “protective styling” (braids, weaves, wigs, inconsistent regimens, etc ) these preparations may not apply to you. Do not come with ponytails, twists, braids or stretched hair. Please contact Coiled directly for additional instructions.

WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT: On your first visit we will discuss the products that you currently use in your haircare routine and the frequency of your regimen. The products that are chosen, here at Coiled, are based on your hair goals, spring factor, porosity (ability to absorb moisture), lifestyle and personal style. On your first visit, whether getting a Curl Shaping (Curl by Curl/Deva Cut) or just a lesson on how to Hydrate & Define your curls, your hair will be detox’d, hydrated and moisturized with an initial deep mist treatment.  You will also receive Curl Coaching.

IMMEDIATE RESULTS VS LONG-TERM: We would all love to walk in the salon, gym or spa and walk out feeling and looking like Super Woman. Although we aim to have you looking amazing and hydrated your first visit, some past (or current) habits and haircare practices may prevent instantaneous results. Coiled is a specialty salon that works with YOUR texture. Your curl pattern, porosity and surface texture will improve and enhance with time.  The Journey is a practice of patience, self-dedication and a little bit of work.

GUARANTEES: We guarantee that you will be educated about your hair and be given tips, tricks and an achievable regimen.  The results of your hair will be visible in 2-3 months if not right away. WITH our instruction and YOUR at-home care haircare won’t steal away at time and hold us prisoner in your homes. I encourage guests to keep a photo journal on their personal cloud storage.

Note: You will be sent home with a few basic tools to start your journey.