Coiled is a salon and retail space dedicated exclusively to kinks, coils, waves and transitioning curls. We provide services to style and shape your curls and educate you finding a practical healthy and hydrating regimen. 
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“Ms. Lavida’s understands hair care. She is very knowledgeable and brings a lot to the table. ” ~ Wanda P.

“She studies your hair and asks lots of questions. She is invested in the HEALTH of your hair. She treats you like you are her number one customer.” ~ Anonymous

“What stood out to me about Lavida’s skills was how she touched my hair, not everyone can handle/manage natural hair and Lavida has the touch! My hair turned out so light and not weighed down, my curls are shiny and defined and I truly appreciate Lavida’s skill set for Natural hair. ” ~ Nancy S.

“So happy I finally found someone who is experienced and enjoys working with natural hair. I love my look today!” ~ Nishele D.

“Her knowledge of the health and care of kinky/curly hair.” ~ Lynne


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